Swimming Suits and Goggles

On Saturday, March 27, the second day of registration, we will have Russ Garney on hand to fit and sell team color suits to the swimmers. We get these suits at cost (much cheaper than retail). Each swimmer must wear team colors to meets and should wear team colors to practice.

Swim Goggles

Goggles are required equipment. All strokes are enhanced with good vision, but a swimmer is virtually unable to swim competitive backstroke without well fitted, and tinted, goggles.

HINT - Let your child know that with the new goggles they need to keep their fingers off the inside of the goggles. The oil from their fingers and sunscreen lotion will wipe the anti-fog coating off of the goggles.

Target has a good selection of goggles as does Academy, Oshman's, and other sporting goods stores in town. The goggles must have a one-piece frame with lens inserts and a separate, double head strap. Goggles with a separate adjustable nosepiece will present problems from the first wearing. Tinted lenses are recommended for our outdoor swimming. Non-tinted lenses are for indoor swimming.

Acceptable Goggles Unacceptable Goggles
Acceptable Goggles Unacceptable Goggles
One piece frames Three piece frames

Swim caps

Girls and boys whose hair reaches into their eyes when swimming must wear a swim cap. Again, a swimmer cannot perform his best unless he can see.