Our Volunteers

Thank you to our volunteer parents. As you can see by the participation (in the this table) we have had a great response to the request for help. We really cannot do this with just a few of you. We need you all!

Here is are the job descriptions for the various volunteer positions we need for the team.

Swim Team Meet Volunteer Position Descriptions

Positions on the deck
  1. Timers – 3 per lane
  2. Unofficial place judges – 1 per lane – Passes out appropriate ribbons to swimmers as they finish the race
  3. Runner – The runner collects all 4 lane/timer sheets when the sheets are complete and takes them to the data entry volunteers at the scoring table. The runner posts the confirmed computer race results.
  4. Data Entry – 2 (one from each team) One reads off the results from the Lane/Timer sheets while the other inputs the results.
  5. Audit – 2 (one from each team) Compare the computer results to the Lane/Timer sheets.
  6. Ribbon Labelers – 2 at scoring table. Place labels printed from computer on appropriate ribbons. Place labeled ribbons in ribbon folder.
  7. Starter – Certified Deck Official – Starts each race with bullhorn (see page 21 of the AASSL Rule Book).
  8. Referee – 1 Certified Deck Official (see page 19 in the AASSL Rule Book).
  9. Turn/Finish Judges – 2 per 2 Lanes (2 at each end of the pool) – Certified Deck Officials – Starter and Referee can be two of the turn/finish judges.
  10. Stroke Judges – 2 Certified Deck Officials (walks each side of the pool watching two lanes each).
Behind the Scenes
  1. Wranglers – Will manage Pool Shark swim meet participants in designated holding area. Wranglers will write Event /Heat/Lane on each swimmer’s arm. They will organize swimmers according to their events and heats and get them to the ready bench. The ready bench consists of 4 rows of 4 chairs arranged behind the starting blocks poolside. While the ready is bench being loaded wranglers will organize the swimmers in sequence of events/heats/lanes. Once the ready bench is empty the next set of swimmers will proceed to the ready bench.
  2. Set up/Take down – The set up volunteers will set the pool up for the meet the night before the meet. The volunteers will meet at the diving well at 7:00 pm to set up. Take down occurs when the meet is over. The meet equipment is removed from the diving well and put away. The pool chairs are arranged as they were before the meet and any litter is thrown away. The pool needs to be ready for Alamo Heights Pool Guests.
  3. Concessions - Purchase, set up and sell concessions at the home meets.